Journey to the Ocean

Dear Jerry,

  A few weeks ago we had gone to Key West to go lobster fishing, and to do that you have to get in the water and go get them. Which if you know me at all getting in the ocean is one of my BIGGEST fears. So before we even left the house I promised myself, my family and even some of my friends, that I would get into the water, so that not only am I accountable to myself I had many people that were going to be asking how the trip went.

   My dad took me to the dive shop and I got my first pair of goggles and snorkel. The next day we packed up the cars and headed south. It was my family and the Brumagin family. When we arrived at the condo we unpacked, got the boat, and headed out to find some lobsters.

   When we got to the first stop, everyone (with the exception of the moms) suited up and got in the water. As I sat on the edge on the boat with my goggles and snorkel I began to regret ever promising to everyone that I would get in. The water was a bit foggy, and jumping in to the waters of the unknown just didn’t sound so inviting.

  I took a deep breath, and jumped in. It happened all at once, water was leaking into my goggles and when I jumped I had already had the snorkel in my mouth and sucked in a large amount of salt water. I came up, found the back of the boat and jumped back on.

   I had my mom fix my goggles and I sat back down on the back of the boat watching as everyone else have fun in the water. I finally worked up enough courage to try it again, but this time I did it a little more gracefully. Instead of jumping in I slid my way in and looked down to what was beneath me.

  There wasn’t much to see at first because as I mentioned it was pretty foggy. I began to get frustrated because everyone was saying ”Wow! Did you see that down there?” and I wasn’t seeing anything! I finally realized why they could see stuff and I wasn’t, they were diving down and as they got deeper they could see all the wonders on the ocean floor. So taking a deep breath I dove down, and everything started appearing. Huge pieces of coral and sea sponges covered the bottom. It was beautiful.

  As the weekend went on I could hardly stay out of the water. It was like a whole different world down there, and to think, if I would have let my first experience of getting in the water stop me, I would have never been able to experience any of it. It just goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone can lead you to places you never thought were possible.

  From, Maddy



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