Our beloved Dog Hunter

Dear Jerry,

We used to have two dogs but, sadly, one of them passed away. Our dogs are very special to us, so it was very sad to receive the news. One of our dogs is a mix between a Pekingese and a Bijon. His name is Scampy. He is calm but loves to play and meet new people. Our other dog, Hunter, was a German Shepherd. His personality was very similar to Scampy’s. They were both kind and both loved to meet new people. These two dogs grew very close to each other. Sometimes I would come home from school and I would see them playing together or, on a rainy day, I would see both of them in the doghouse together. But the thing is, it wasn’t Scampy that passed away. It was Hunter. There is somewhat of a mystery surrounding his death. We don’t know exactly how he died. My parents, my little sister and me were on vacation in Cuba, but my Grandma stayed home. We came back Sunday afternoon, but Hunter had died Friday morning. We didn’t get the news until Monday morning.
I got out of bed and found my little sister crying. I asked her what was wrong and my parents told me Hunter had died. I was shocked and felt sorrow, but my little sister was the one who was closest to Hunter. She was the one who took the biggest hit. Hunter had this little spot where he would rest. Between our grill and a bench in our backyard. That was his final resting place. His favorite spot. He was very special and we miss him dearly. He was very young. Only three years old. We planned to have many more fun times with him but those times will never come to pass. We plan to get another dog. A Chocolate Lab we will name Hunter in memory of our late dog Hunter. He was the best dog ever and he will never be forgotten.



2 thoughts on “Our beloved Dog Hunter

  1. Melany, thanks for sharing this story. I’m so sorry to hear that Hunter died. I’ll miss seeing him greet me at the fence when I pull up to your house.

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