Being the Oldest of Five Siblings

Dear Jerry,

Did you know that I am the oldest in a family of five kids? On one hand it is a HUGE responsibility but on the other hand a HUGE blessing! I am almost sixteen and my four younger siblings are 14,12,6 and 6. We often have our arguments or squabbles but we always work them out. (Usually with minimal help from Mom) The biggest responsibility of being a big brother to three younger girls and a boy is being sure I set a good example. Anything I do or say -good or bad- trickles down the lineup fairly quickly so setting a good example is imperative! Another big responsibility is frequently being put in a position of authority over my four siblings. This responsibility is fun because it can lead to a better relationship of mutual understanding and trust. Playing the cards right and giving just enough commands to reign in the chaos but not enough to anger my charges is tricky business!
This often stressful position of authority is a small price to pay for the blessing of having two adoring six-year olds who love me with all their heart! I enjoy being the eldest not because of the various perks, but for the blessings I can give to others by being a good leader. That is all there is to it. You have to be a good leader. It is simple, but not easy!




3 thoughts on “Being the Oldest of Five Siblings

  1. That is so sweet, I love when siblings get along. Not something you see everyday anymore :p

  2. bballpuppylover22

    Aww this is really good! 🙂

  3. Love this post Z-man! As an oldest sibling I can understand the joys and responsibilities that come with the job. It’s a joy to see the way you take it on. 🙂

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