The Day Our Horse Killed Himself

Dear Jerry,

I know it sounds terrible but you just have to hear this story!
It all started when we got a new horse from a trainer in Tennessee. We all watched as my dad rode him to see if he was good enough. The horse did alright with all the tests so, we bought him. We took the horse home to Georgia and placed him with our other horses. About three months after we got him, my dad went to ride our new horse Which we named Merrill. My dad saddled him and got him ready. My dad put one foot on the stirrup and tried to mount him but the horse reared up! My dad woke with a cheek, three ribs, and his shoulder broken! Needless to say, he went to the hospital! At the time I was not with him, my sister and I were in Florida at school.
After five months my dad was healed and we were all back in Georgia. Our whole family took the horse back to the trainer. They said they would retrain him. One trainer tried to mount the horse and he again reared up! The trainer jumped off just in time! The horse panicked and backed into a hay spear!!! A hay spear is a bucket like tool utilizing three sharp points made of steel. Our whole family stood there and watched the horse bleed to death! We watched the blood ooze out of him like water! The horse was now dead and we were actually happy!!! He had it coming after what he did to my dad!!




2 thoughts on “The Day Our Horse Killed Himself

  1. Like the first time I read this in a rough draft, I still don’t really know what to say. What a strange story!

  2. That is so sad! Yet kinda funny!

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