The Power of Teamwork

Dear jerry,
One of the most important life lessons I have learned in the past three years is teamwork. Three and a half years ago I moved down here to Florida from Michigan, and started going to a church called Grace Baptist. There I met some of my best friends. When fall came around one of my friends told me about how our paster is the coach of a homeschool basketball team, and wanted to know if I wanted to play. I had never played basketball before but I have been around it my whole life because of my older brother Michael. So I thought to myself, why not?
That year was amazing, most of the girls that were on the team had never played before so we all learned together and became really close as a team. That year flew by and we ended up going into state as number one in the district and undefeated. We got second that year, yes it was not first, but considering where we had come from, it was amazing.
We would had never been able to make it that far without our amazing coach that taught us how important team work is, and how we ALWAYS need to have a good attitude. Teamwork is everything in basketball, if the point guard just decides that she doesn’t want to play and just stands there, we would be at a huge disadvantage. Same with our post players, if they just decided that they didn’t want to rebound, there would be MANY issues. No matter what position you play, you are important, and your team is counting on you to do the best you can.




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