I Used to Work in a Cake Bakery

** Jerry, this letter was written to you last week, but we forgot to send it! We’ll do better next week, we promise! **


Dear Jerry,

I used to work in a cake bakery.

In June 2010, my mother and her friends decided to open a cake decorating shop called Extreme Cake. My job was simple, I had to bake the cakes and cupcakes. Not as easy as it sounds considering we had over 100 different flavors.

A Cake from Extreme CakesEvery Tuesday I would wake up at six o’clock and go to work. I would work until I got all the cakes and cupcakes baked, even if I had to stay all day. The most cakes I ever had to bake in a day was over 70! I had to bake until one in the morning to finish all those cakes. I can still remember making the cakes and dying the batter green, pink, and blue to make the cakes different colors. The most cupcakes I ever baked in a day was over 500, that’s a lot.

I enjoyed it and would do it again if I had the chance.

Until I write again.

– Richmond


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