Working With My Dad

Dear Jerry.

My Dad is the owner of an irrigation business and every now and then I go to work with him for a day when he has a big project like an installation (putting in an entirely new system) or a refurbishment (modernizing an existing system or fixing it up to use less water so the customer saves money). The very first time I went with him was the moment I considered myself a man and not a boy. I felt very grown-up climbing into his huge Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and riding to the job early in the morning. When we got there I found the job to not be as easy as I thought! At the time those jobs seemed hard, but now I would love to do only those tasks! When I got home that first day I found out what tired really was! I actually wanted to go to bed! And for me, that was really something!
We usually arrive at the job around seven a.m. and we leave around seven p.m. After we arrive Dad scouts out the property, making mental notes about things such as the location of the well, the correct pipe size, and pipe glue locations. Meanwhile, I am removing pipe from the rack, laying out tools or taking our trencher off of its trailer. My usual jobs now, in addition to the previous ones, are cleaning the trenches out after our trencher, cleaning and gluing pipe together, putting nozzles on sprinkler heads, and cleaning up our tools after we finish. The best part of the whole day is watching the brand new system that we just installed come to life! That is the time that a huge feeling of accomplishment settles over us both.
This is why I love working with my Dad!




One thought on “Working With My Dad

  1. bballpuppylover22

    This is a good one Zach! 🙂

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