My Brother and Me

Dear Jerry,

I am 16 and my brother is 28. I love being a younger brother, it’s fun and I’ve learned so much. He has taught me so much in life from his life, so I may excel. He has taught me so much on how to think differently, and how to look at the world from someone else’s view. He taught me a lot about firearms, how to use them and how to take them apart and put them back together. He’s taught me about freedom, liberty and how people aren’t fighting for it much anymore. He’s always been there for me though the thick and thin and he always sorted me out when I got in trouble. One of the fondest memories I have of me and my brother was our garden hunt. One day my mother noticed that her garden was getting dug up by something and it wasn’t our dogs. So, my brother and I would go out every night with an AR .22 rifle and search for the beast. One night we heard a noise in the bushes so we looked and saw an Armadillo digging a hole in the ground. So, to prevent any more holes in the garden, we shot it in the head. When we shot it, it started to bounce and jump around on the ground not going in any particular direction. It even jumped 5 feet off the ground! But, in the end, it slowly stopped bouncing and died. All the time my brother and I were freaking out,because we had no idea about what was going on!
Until next time!

– Richmond


2 thoughts on “My Brother and Me

  1. bballpuppylover22

    I really like this one Richmond! 🙂

  2. Lol that is so funny! I don’t think I have ever even seen one of those before!

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