Our (Interesting) Summer Trip

This summer I went on a very interesting trip.There were a few particular memorable moments, but a big portion of the trip wasn’t too good. Categorizing our trip as a good or bad one isn’t a very easy thing to do, in fact, saying it was only good or only bad would be a very inaccurate statement. Let’s just leave it at… interesting…
This summer my family and I took a long 2,500 mile trip to South Dakota then another 1,000 miles up to Sascatuan Canada . We enjoyed the nice 75 degree weather in South Dakota and the never-ending prairies that stretched for miles every which way. We particularly enjoyed riding horses in the prairies for hours at a time and racing across the grounds or playing with the dogs. our family was at our friends farm in South Dakota, relishing the sense of real freedom and working with our friends like cowboys and cowgirls. Every morning we had to get up early to feed all the bulls, baby calfs, chickens, sheep, goats, dogs, horses, cats and other assorted animals. We worked morning till night so believe me it was long, hard, tiring work. We did have loads of fun racing four-wheelers and carrying newborn calfs. Branding and tagging the newborn calfs was fun too.
One night we went to a big party at a casino where we really learned how to have a good time! We girls got dressed up in our cute little party dresses, the boys put on their suits and ties, and we danced and danced all night.Everyone was tired by the time we got home (whenever that was) but we sure did have a blast! The next day we went on four-wheelers and herded 200 heads of cattle on a cattle drive. I got to drive both the four wheelers AND the ranchers jacked-up truck! That was one of the highlights! This is when the fun started to wane. When we got back to our house, we found our American Bulldog Pettie, dead. He had broken his neck and suffocated himself! We buried himself under a big shade tree. We couldn’t stop thinking about him. Just a few days later, one of our other dogs got ripped up while jumping over a barbed-wire fence. He had to get over three hundred stitches! Everyone was getting a little bit shook up so we decided to move on to our second and last destination, Canada. On the way, the motor-coach broke down,our dogs got into some pretty vicious fights with other peoples dogs, and we ended up being stuck at the border for a VERY long time! They insisted on checking every nook and cranny of the motor-coach, levied a fine for some liquor, and made sure our guns were not stolen. It took FOREVER!!
Once we got across, we prepared for a horse raceing competition so we ran the horses for hours every day! One days my dog went on point. I assumed he had seen a bird so I grabbed my gun our of its saddle holster and went to investigate. Out of nowhere a porcupine speared both me and my dog. We went home and got the quills taken out. That HURT!! For the next few days we raced in the competition.
during the rest of our stay,my dad, my dog and I all got kicked by a horse. I fractured my ankle, dislocated my knee, (another big ouch!) and got bucked off a horse that couldn’t control his temper! My father also had a similar experience with the same horse except the horses foot got stuck in a hole.
On our way back home, we stopped at Yellowstone for a day. So, that is about how my interesting and action-packed summer went!


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