This Crazy Life

Dear Jerry,
So this year is my last year as a high school student, yes I am a senior. In a way, I am excited to be ending this chapter of my life and moving on with the next one but at the same time it’s sad. The last three years have been absolutely crazy but also very fun.
You see the reason it has been so crazy is because I have a job at Firehouse Subs, play on a basketball team, have a horse, and am of course a senior. The first half of my week is pretty much devoted to school. I am home schooled, but I go to class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then, the second half of my week is split between homework, and my job. I work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but somewhere in there I have to find time for Ivy, my horse. Then next week is the start of basketball season. I’m not at all complaining, it’s just a little overwhelming at times.
My week starts out with church, that is the one day that is a little more relaxed for me, which I am very thankful God put “the day of rest” in place. Then Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Jimmy, my brother, and I to school. School ends at 1:00, and we usually go straight to the barn. Now, I really enjoy spending time with my horse, but my brother does not. He gets pretty antsy when we are there because he is not very fond of horses. After spending some time with my very amazing horse, we go home to do some homework. Sounds fun right? Not really. After I’m done with my homework I move on to another thing I really love to do, draw. I recently discovered that I can draw and pretty well if I might add!
When Thursday rolls around, I get ready and head off to work. I am grateful that I have a job, but it’s not very fun. When I get home from work, I get started on my assignments for the weekend. I’m not quite sure what my basketball schedule is going to be, but i’ll have to add that in. However, as of right now whenever I can find time I’m outside running and getting ready for the season.
So if you also have a pretty intense schedule, I’m here to tell you, it’s doable! I’m glad that I have a full schedule because then I’m never bored! I just want to give you a little tip to help you; I highly recommend taking Sunday and do nothing but go to church and recharge your batteries. It helps immensely!



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