Why I Think Bentleys Are The Best Cars In The World

Dear Jerry,

Like most boys my age, I like cars. This probably comes as no surprise to you as you undoubtedly hear me and the other boys at One Room Learning arguing passionately about which car manufacturer makes the best product. Some say Lamborghini’s are best because of their speed and bragging rights. Others say Rolls-Royce reigns supreme for their exclusivity and prestige. I always say Bentleys are best for three main reasons.
“What is a Bentley?” you might ask. Well Jerry, you probably already know it is a car, but Bentley produces large sedans and coupes that fulfill two conflicting roles: being fast and comfortable.
Bentley Motors Limited was founded in England by Walter Bentley in 1919. After several financial difficulties, the company was sold to its now main competitor, Rolls-Royce Motors, in 1931. From there, Bentley, acting largely independent of its new parent company, started to produce large, luxurious and expensive cars for civilian use. Bentley also participated in races such as the Indy 500, taking thirteenth place in their first major event. In 1998, Rolls-Royce announced that it wanted to sell Bentley. Two corporations responded (BMW and The Volkswagen Group). A small bidding war ensued and VW won at more than 10 million pounds over BMW’s highest bid. So Bentley was sold to the Volkswagen Group (which also includes Audi, Porsche, VW, and Bugatti.) As of now, Bentley is still owned by VW and their cars are assembled in a large factory located in Crewe, England. Bentley receives orders of around seven to ten thousand cars per year with around three thousand going to the United States.
So, when someone asks why I think Bentleys are best, I give them three reasons (good ones too!). First, they are fast. Secondly, they are extremely comfortable. Finally, they are beautiful. The biggest reason I love Bentleys is because they are fast. Seriously! How many 18 foot luxury sedans weighing in at five thousand seven hundred pounds can go 185 M.P.H.? (Bentley Mulsanne) How many four seat coupes can go zero to sixty in four seconds flat? (Bentley Continental GT) How could you NOT love a five seat sedan that can scoot along at a cool two hundred M.P.H.? (Bentley Continental Flying Spur) This is the primary and most important reason that I love Bentleys.
Secondly, I love Bentleys because they are very comfortable. Any car that has almost every interior surface coated in leather has got to be comfortable. The large slathering of technology from radar based cruise-control to a 360 degree camera system ensures that the car’s occupants are comfortable and safe, which is the most important kind of comfort. The diamond quilted seats and the beautiful chrome and hand polished wood interior trim gives everything a regal, rich sense of beauty and comfort. While relaxing in these sumptuous surroundings, you can even listen to your favorite song on a monster 1,100 Watt sound system running 15 Naim speakers. Wow!!! Even the most diehard Ferrari fan has to admit that this is pretty awesome!!
Last, but certainly not least, I love Bentleys because of their beauty. The cars have a simple, but commanding elegance surrounding them that other cars simply do not possess. Inside and out, the practical, yet beautiful British styling says volumes about the company’s dedication to the details. The color combinations of the exterior paint and the interior leather always compliment each other perfectly. Everything, inside or out is both practically and aesthetically useful.
So Jerry, have I given you enough reasons why Bentleys really are the best car ever? I hope one day to own one of these beautiful cars. Keep an eye out! You may see me one of these days speeding along in one of these cool cars!

Sincerely yours,




One thought on “Why I Think Bentleys Are The Best Cars In The World

  1. Nice Bentleys but Ferraris are better.

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