How I Want to Change My World

Dear Jerry,
This is an interesting topic to talk about, how would I like to change my world? Where do I start? First off I would like to say that I do not wish to offend anyone, these are just my views on how I personally feel. Well one major change that I think needs to happen is the stop of all abortions. Millions of babies are being killed and we are just letting it happen. We seem to put more emphasis on “saving the whales” and not saving living human babies, and that tears me apart. I have seen abortions be compared to the holocaust and I think that is exactly what this is, but the babies cannot defend themselves. Something that could help change this is just informing more people about what is really going on, these babies are not just fetuses, they are living human beings that could have futures just like us.
Another thing that I think would be a good change is to have all eligible adults to go through classes and own a gun. All this talk about gun control is scary. Think about it, if they take away all of our guns, who will have the guns? All of the criminals! They don’t obey the laws and when they know that no one has guns the crime rate will go way up because they know that no one will be able to protect themselves. I’m not saying that we give anyone and everyone a gun, because they are powerful tools, that’s why I feel people should go through classes for it so they know how to use it and be responsible with them. I strongly feel that teachers should be able to carry a gun, because we do live in a fallen world and as sad as it is, there are criminals out there that will go after the helpless ones. Look at all of the school shootings that could have been prevented. If the criminals knew that the teachers were armed they would think twice before going in to the schools. Some things that I myself am going to do to help this, is when I am old enough I am going to go through a CCW class, own a gun, and become a part of the NRA.
Lastly I would like to see more people stand up for what’s right and not just sit back and watch everything happen. We need to stand up for our freedoms and defend them, because if we don’t, who will? You are not as powerless as you feel. One thing that we could do help this, is informing more people about what is really going on in our country. If you don’t know what is going on, then how can you help it? You can’t, so just telling people would definitely help, and get people thinking.

– Maddy



One thought on “How I Want to Change My World

  1. bballpuppylover22

    I like it! šŸ™‚

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