How I Want To Change My World

Dear Jerry,

I was told to write a blog about how I would change the world. I see many things wrong in the world; there are many things I would change.
First, I would lower taxes on businesses, big and small. Fewer taxes would mean tremendous business growth I know from personal experience. My mother owned a Cake shop and I helped her with it. Business was exploding but taxes made the shop grow very slowly. Today I will support lowering taxes, I will vote once I am old enough.
Second, I would create a long term plan to pay back the debt. I would take 25% of all taxes and start to pay back the debt. I would cut all non-essential programs. I would pay the debt back little by little; it took us 100 years to build the debt and it will take quite a while to get rid of it. Today I will support getting rid of the debt, when I’m old enough I will vote for politicians that prove they want to get rid of debt. I will also be smart with my own money and lead by example.
Third, I would change the food stamp system. I think we need to stop feeding people that aren’t working that can work. You can’t say “think of the children” because, if you really cared about your child you would work to feed them instead of sitting back and being a moocher. I would revise the food stamp system, only if you were paralyzed to the point to which you couldnt work would you would qualify for food stamps. Today I will support the effort to get rid of food stamps for those who don’t work but could. I will also try to help others see my point of view. I will work hard and try to influence others to work hard with me.




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