My First Time Shooting A Gun

Dear Jerry,

Last weekend, my father and I went to a men’s retreat. On Friday and Saturday, there were several talks on being a man and learning to grow up. We basically learned how NOT to end up “playing video games in your parents basement”. Well, this men’s only retreat included shooting. Lots of shooting. In fact, someone even brought Tannerite explosive targets for the large center fire rifles that were being used. Like it should be, there was plenty of guys stuff. At the range we shot at, there were three stations. Handguns, shotguns and rifles. I tried all three and ended up liking shotguns the best. They were the most manageable out of all three types of guns that were present because the recoil was relatively gentle. I was able to hit more targets with a shotgun than I was with any other gun and I was more familiar with loading/unloading a shotgun then I was with any of the other guns.
I tried the handguns first. They were probably the hardest for me to shoot because their recoil was being channeled through such a small amount of space. I was quite surprised at the difficulty I had in controlling them. I took my first shot ever with a .45 caliber pistol and I was able to actually hit the target (though it will be a while till I am able to get a bullseye.) I tried the shotguns next. For me ,they were the most fun. I enjoyed the satisfaction of shattering a clay pigeon as it flew though the air. The shotguns were the guns I did best with too, so, that probably contributed to my preference for them. I spent almost all my time using them. They are fairly easy to shoot.
The last gun I tried, was the rifles. The rifle that I shot was a Red-Dot sight AR-15. I shot a total of twenty bullets and 15 of them hit the target. Five missed completely and two were close to the bullseye. These guns were actually painful to shoot. The recoil was hard and it hurt quite a bit after twenty shots. It was still very exciting though, to be shooting a gun that is such a legend. I was pretty wowed when I saw these amazing weapons. Some were equipped with scopes, ACOG sights, laser beam sights and 30 round magazines. They were bigger and heavier then I expected, but they were definitely fun. It was pretty cool to see the large explosions as a Tannerite explosive target exploded in a huge cloud of smoke with a thunderous boom. I personally was not able to get a chance at shooting one of these targets but even watching was very fun.
All in all, the men’s retreat was very fun. The lessons I learned were very valuable for my future and the shooting was a brand new activity that I will definitely be continuing in the near future!


One thought on “My First Time Shooting A Gun

  1. I can’t belive that you hadn’t shot a gun before then! But that is so cool!

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