Being A Homeschooler

Dear Jerry,

So there it is. I am a homeschooler. You might have known that because you sit on your throne on Maddy and Hannah’s table and I am sure you listen to all the awesome craziness that goes on in One Room. I have been a homeschooler ever since I started school. I have enjoyed every moment of it. My friends and I (yes! I have several friends!) have been homeschooling for our entire lives.
Homeschoolers are usually very well-rounded people. For example all of my friends play at least one instrument. Several play two or three. I play four. I and all of my friends play basketball and we all love sports. For me, one of my favorite parts about being a homeschooler is meeting new people. Almost every new person I meet, especially adults, will ask if I have any friends, or how I make friends if I am home all day. Inwardly, I always laugh. Why is it that people think that anybody that is homeschooled never leaves his house. People seem to think that all homeschoolers are introvert nerds. Actually, I did reach nerd status because I am taking chemistry. I can tell you all about valence electrons and whether an element is reactive or non-reactive depending on where it is located on the Periodic Table. I even know the details of the element families!! Sorry Jerry. That was my nerd side coming through.
While I am most definitely a nerd, I am most certainly NOT an introvert. My personality type is Choleric Sanguine. Everybody thinks of the quiet, awkward guy with the broken, taped glasses and the big eyes whenever the word “homeschooler” is mentioned. I hope we can change that image.

Sincerely yours,


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