The Freedom of Driving

Dear Jerry,

When I turned 15 I started studying for my permit test, well as you might know, I get distracted easily, so I didn’t end up getting my permit until 5 months later. Some of that is because I didn’t want to drive either, it completely terrified me. So when I finally did get it, I didn’t expect to drive for a while, but my mom had other plans. I got home with my dad from getting it, and I had to go to basketball practice. My mom and I walked outside and she threw me the keys. Now you can imagine my complete fear, I had never been behind the wheel before and now she expected me to drive! Let’s just say that was a stressful ride for both of us.
Soon enough though, I was driving around (still pretty scared) with my mom. For a while I would only drive to the barn because it was a one lane, not busy at all road and I only had to go 35 miles an hour, but after a while I got used to it and started driving my mom everywhere.
Now, here in Florida you have to have your permit for a full year, no matter how much you drive. So when my year was up, my parents took me to go get my license. I passed it the first try and was extremely excited. I had already been saving money to buy a car, so I started looking right away. A couple weeks later I was a pound owner of a 2003 yellow Dodge Neon. Not only was I excited to be driving by myself, I now owned a car, and could drive myself to basketball practice, and work.
It has almost been a year now that I owned my car and I still love it, even though gas and insurance are a bit expensive. Unlike my siblings I keep my car clean and have an awesome smelling air freshener, and I think that might just be the best part of it, getting to pick out a cool looking air freshener from Bath and Body Works and putting a nice, autumn smelling sent in it. Now I can drive myself everywhere, school, work, basketball, the barn, etc.
So my advice to anyone getting their permit or license, is to not be scared and just get it as soon as possible, because my biggest regret was waiting for so long. Have fun with it, but be safe!



2 thoughts on “The Freedom of Driving

  1. I would get my permit but, my mom and dad said that the world is not ready for me!

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