Dear Jerry,

I love writing, so when I was offered the opportunity to write a novel during National Novel Writing Month, I jumped at the chance. Now, I am nine days away from the finish and I am still going strong! I hope you enjoy this excerpt!!


Madison woke up at five A.M. on Thursday morning and got ready for work. She enjoyed her job but always looked forward to the weekend. When she arrived at the hospital, she was whisked into action by a team of nurses who informed her that there was a child who had been in a rollover car accident and needed instant surgery. She immediately began working with the surgeons. Together, they put him under anesthesia, and they set to work removing the tiny shards of broken glass and sewing shut all of the cuts, both large and small. The child would survive but would be in the hospital for quite a long time. It would be a very large expense to his family.
Madison was surprised at this quick and somewhat gory start to her day, but she continued working on the battered and bruised body of the child. After the successful three hour surgery, Madison took a long break. While she was drinking her tea and eating a large sandwich, she heard the sound of loud screaming. This was highly unusual. The screaming in itself was not unusual. She had given several families bad news before, and had heard the anguished cries of the family of a deceased child many times. This screaming carried panic and fear.
She poked her head out of the break room to see what was going on. There were three men dressed in black, wearing ski masks and armed with black AR-15’s walking calmly down the hallway. They did not give anyone a second look and they walked very quickly. Everybody with synchronized steps. When they came upon the floor manager, one of the men grabbed him by his shirt and ordered him to put his hands in the air. He complied immediately. The leader of the three men spoke through his black ski mask in a deep electronic voice.
“Where is Maximus Benson?” He spoke softly, almost inaudibly. When Madison heard her brothers’ name she gasped, out-loud. One of the men heard her gasp and started walking towards her. Madison screamed, retreated back into the break room and bolted the door shut. She quickly drew her small .38 caliber CC weapon and aimed it at the door. Moments later, there was a cracking and a splintering as the man started pounding on the door. Madison grabbed her iPhone and dialed 911. Just then, three gunshots were fired that shattered the hinges and the door was kicked inward. One of the men in black stood in the doorway. Madison took aim and fired.


One thought on “NaNoWriMo!!!!

  1. Wow Zach! That’s awesome, I love it!

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