Dear Jerry,
This month is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and all of us in the class are writing novels! All this week we are going to be sharing pieces of our novels with you, so here’s mine!
When my hour is up I rise slowly and walk back to the door. When it opens, there my keeper is standing in his black glasses as usual. This man does not seem mean enough to kidnap two teenage girls and keep them here against their will. “What’s your name?” I ask curiously.

“Booth,” he answers coldly

“Booth? That’s it? Come on give me a little more than that,” I say trying to get more out of him

“That is all you need to know ma’am.”

Ma’am? Had he really just called me that? What is going on? Why is he being so kind? As these questions raced through my mind, I notice that we are taking different hallways now, and we are headed to somewhere I have not been yet.

“Where are we going?” I demand, trying not to sound suddenly scared, but he does not answer. Had this been his plan all along? Calm me down enough so I get comfortable to talk to him then lead me straight to my death? My heart starts to race and my whole body begins to shake. Here we go, this is the end for me, I hope my new friend Margaret makes it out of here ok. Maybe if she just makes a run for it outside she can get far enough and people will find her. After all, someone has to be looking for us.

We walk silently down hallway after hallway until we come to a steel door at the end. My keeper, that I now know as Booth, unlocks the door, turns to me and gestures for me to enter. I drag my feet knowing this could be the end and close my eyes tight as I enter, waiting for a death blow or something. But it does not come. I hear water dripping and I open my eyes.



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