Ivy May <3

Dear Jerry,
When I was a little girl I always wanted a horse. I was completely obsessed. By the time I was eight, my parents decided to let me start taking lessons. I was sooo excited to finally be getting on a horse, and not just a little pony that you can ride at carnivals and fairs. I remember telling my trainer “I have waited my WHOLE life for this,” and looking back now, I think it’s funny because I was only eight. Little did I know, that was the start of an amazing journey for me.
Jumping forward, in 2007, after a lot of hard work around the barn, my parents decided that I could get a horse. We looked for while with my trainer, and finally she found me a 3 year old, mare (girl), quarter horse paint. Now, normally you wouldn’t buy a horse so young for a little girl, but there was just something different about this one. She was so calm and was learning so fast. Before I new it, I was the proud owner of a beautiful horse named Ivy.
My trainer and I got started on training her right away, and before we new it she was the perfect horse for me, and we went on to win many shows together. When I got her, I didn’t know how much I could love an animal, and how she would turn out being one of my best friends. The cool thing is, is that we got to grow up together. When I bought her I was 11 and she was 3, now she is 9 and I’m 17.
Then, almost 4 years ago we moved down here to Florida, and I had to leave her for a year until we could get her down here by trailer. Let’s just say that was a hard year for me. But in the end it all worked out and now she is down here with me and we are living happily ever after as best friends. I trust that horse more than I would trust myself, and I can’t imagine my life without her. 🙂




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