My Favorite Fiction Book(s) And Why I love Them

Dear Jerry,


Ever since I first learned to read, I have been reading books like a maniac. One of my favorite pastimes had been reading. I loved to read anything from magazines to novels and mysteries to thrillers. My parents (very wisely) withheld any and all handheld electronic devices until I was eleven and even then I was only allowed to have a small iPod Nano. Our family first got a video game console last year at Christmas. We got a (used) Nintendo Wii. It was our first leap into the video game world and even then the Wii was already laughably outdated. Even though I am now a staunch fan of anything Call Of Duty, I still enjoy reading much more than any video games. I am a much better person because of my parents decision to withhold video games until we all had developed a love for reading. I am now fifteen, and I thank my parents for letting me develop a love of reading before a love of video games.

My favorite fiction book(s) ever are the Restoration series by Terri Blackstock. All her works of fiction have strong spiritual themes. The first book of the Restoration Series is called Last Light. These four books tell the story of the Branning family in Alabama. The Brannings are a wealthy family that live in an upscale neighborhood in the suburbs of Alabama. They have several kids and one of them was just about to be married. The wedding had to be called off by the occurrence of the Pulses. The Pulses were caused by a giant supernova of a huge star. The supernova generates several ElectroMagnetic Pulses many times every second and they have knocked out every instrument or device that runs on Silicone computer chips. Factories, power plants, water treatment plants, cars, trucks, generators, cell phones, iPods and everything else that contains a silicone chip are knocked out until the Pulses stop. The Brannings have to deal with several kids and they work through their physical and spiritual troubles without all of the modern comforts that they had grown used to. The situation is augmented by a thief and murderer who is robbing and killing the residents of their once peaceful neighborhood. The story is full of suspense and doubles as a good spiritual book and a mystery/thriller. This book is a must read book for teenagers and adults.

Sincerely yours,



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