Maid of honor

Dear Jerry,
This past summer my favorite sister (and my only sister) Stephanie, got married. When they first got engaged, I was only 14 years old, (they were engaged for over two years) and I was sad because I had always thought I would be her maid of honor, and 14 is too young to be one. I quickly got over it and just decided to be happy that I was even going to be in the wedding.
When the wedding planning finally got under way, Stephanie started looking at dates for the big day. When she finally nailed it down, she told us it was going to be the summer of 2013. Now at the time, it was only 2011. I quickly started thinking about it, and realized that by the time the day was finally here, I would be almost 17. I didn’t say anything to her because I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable, or make her feel like I had to be. Then a few months later after my 15th birthday she sent me a present and the tag said “Maid of Honor”. I was so excited, but I quickly realized the responsibility.
Time flew quickly and soon enough it was time for me to start trying to plan the shower. Steph and I sat down and she told me everything she wanted, and I went from there. My mom was a lot of help of course, because I was still only 16, and had never done that before. The theme was Tiffany & Co. We had a banner made, made the games, found decorations, made chocolate covered pretzels for favors, bought game prizes, and much more. All of that was done with the help of my mom, and awesome aunts. Soon enough all of that was done, and the day was quickly approaching.
When it was finally here we were all so excited, the day could not have been more perfect. Most everything ran smoothly, and the sun was out and shinning for the ceremony. We had fun dancing all night long, and taking many funny pictures in the photo booth.
Being the maid of honor was stressful at times, but was so much fun, and it was such an honor. I have the best sister ever, and she never even turned into birdezilla! One day when I get married, she will be my maid of honor too.





One thought on “Maid of honor

  1. Wow Maddy! You and Stephanie look a lot alike! Great post

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