What I Like To Do in my Free Time And Why.

Dear Jerry,

As you know, I have a fairly wide interest range and as such, there are several things that I like to do in my free time that are very different than the other things and seem very disconected. My top three favorite things to do in my free time are:  Read a book, any book, shoot my air-guns or practice hatchet throwing on an old tree stump, and listen to music while I work on redecorating my room.

There have been several times that I have gotten strange looks when I told people that I like to read in my free time. They cock their head and look at me strangely and ask why in the world I would rather read when I could play video games (even though we only have a Wii). The answer to that question is simple to me but incomprehensible to the people (usually kids) who ask me that question. I say the same thing every time. “I like to read.” When they hear that, they just can’t imagine why I love to read so much. (I suspect that they never learned to appreciate a good book and spent most of their time playing video games).

The second way I like to spend my free time is shooting one of my several air-guns. I have been shooting for awhile now and I have become quite good at it. When people hear about this, they almost never have trouble understanding why I enjoy this activity. I have nine guns and my collection is slowly growing. This activity is enjoyable for me because I set up several cans around my house at different heights and different sizes. I go through my custom course and try to knock them all down while running, walking, crouching or lying down. I also enjoy battles with my friends. They might be painful but they are really fun. We have done MILSIM (Military Simulation) stealth, sniper and demolition modes. I enjoy them all.

Lastly, I enjoy spending time in my room listening to music on my green Beats headphones while I am redecorating my room. I change the stuff that is on my shelves fairly frequently. This is one of the things that I do when I am stressed or tired. It is soothing for me. It might sound weird that I enjoy essentially cleaning and redecorating my room, but, It works for me.

My tastes in free time activities are rather different, but I always have fun doing them.




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