My Dream Job

Dear Jerry,

There are two things that I love most of all: guns and cars. So, it would make sense that my dream job would have something to do with those things.

As was said so eloquently and memorably by my good friend Chris, “You are going to drive a tank for your job because, it’s a car, AND a gun, all in one!!!” I don’t quite want to drive a tank for a living, though it would be awesome! I have always told people that I am not sure yet what I want my future career to be. I also have never given this topic much thought before because it never seemed really important at the time. I was handed this topic by my peers during yesterday’s blog topic shuffle, and I was slightly put out that it bumped off two other possible topics that I would have liked much more than this particular topic. When I really thought about what I wanted to do for a living it seemed like a better and better thing to write about. Now that I am sixteen, finding a good job is a much more pressing issue than it was when I was only eight or nine.

Well, my dream job would definitely deal with, in some way, cars and/or guns. I have recently begun investigating jobs at an exotic car dealership. There are quite a few of them here in Florida. I would like to try out a job as a technician in the dealership’s collision and repair center. I would really enjoy working on the cars that are brought in to the dealership because I enjoy problem solving and fixing things that are broken. I have also thought about working in a car speaker and stereo shop installing the wiring and electronics for new, upgraded speakers and stereos.

My second possible dream job would be work as a gunsmith and vendor for several different makes of guns. I would enjoy disassembly, cleaning, repairing, and reassembling the firearms, both old and new, that would be brought in to me for repair, or cleaning. I am especially interested in how some guns can go through extreme conditions and not fail or malfunction. I am also an ardent Second Amendment supporter so, this would be a way of making my sentiments on this sensitive subject clear without causing a fight. I like to work with mechanical things, so these two things (guns and cars) would definitely qualify as mechanical devices.

My dream job would definitely have to be a job that I enjoy. I do not know if I would actually like disassembling guns or fixing cars for a living as I have done neither, ever. I would definitely have to try these jobs for a couple months before I could say with certainty that either of them are my true dream job.




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