The Gamestop Issue

Dear Jerry,

You may have heard me talking to some of my friends at school about GameStop’s new policy of allowing people who have a CCW permit to carry a weapon openly or concealed in their stores where the law allows. I thought that I would have to write to you about this. I have a very solid opinion on this topic. I think that this new company policy will make their stores much safer. I mean, seriously, what thief is going to rob a store where the customers might be armed? No fool would ever rob a bank, store or residence where the people inside might be carrying a gun and would legally be able to take out someone that meant harm.
I have heard many people who were complaining that GameStop was being extremely foolish in allowing guns in a store that caters towards children and younger adults. I am a little puzzled at their reasoning because I wonder if these people realize how many Americans carry a concealed weapon for self defense. On December 31, of 2011, there were more than 8 million active permits in the United States. My home state, Florida, had over 843,000 active permits in July of 2011. The population of Florida in July of 2011 was nineteen million people. Therefore 4 percent of Florida’s inhabitants were authorized to carry a concealed handgun in public places. With more than 260 million privately owned guns in the U.S., the probability that you see someone with at least one gun on their person in a public place is extremely high. When I mention this fact, many people ask me why a store that caters to children allows weapons into their store. That is a legitimate question. I think because the people who have a CCW permit are not crazy people, or criminals or evil. They are law abiding people who would never shoot someone else intentionally unless that someone was posing a legitimate threat to others. GameStop knows this. If someone would be foolish enough to go on a rampage in a place where weapons were present, he or she would be quickly subdued and brought to justice. I ask people why most shootings occur in places that are designated gun free zones such as movie theaters, schools, and government buildings. They usually cannot think of an answer! I know why! If a place is set apart as a gun free zone, the law abiding people will obey and leave their guns at home, while the people who mean harm are simply going to disobey and bring a gun inside anyway. If an evil or mentally insane person is going to shoot a place up, there is no reason they are going to say, “Oh. That is a gun free zone. I can’t commit a mass murder in there. I am not going to break the law by bringing a gun in there.”
Do you see how ridiculous gun free zones are? I do. I applaud GameStops support of our constitutional right to bear arms and I intend to patronize their store for all of my gaming needs
from now on.





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