Our Field Trip

Dear Jerry,
A couple weeks ago, One Room learning had our very first field trip! (Sorry you didn’t get to come, but we were worried you might be confused as fish food) We went to the Florida Tampa Aquarium on Friday. We were able to go with some friends and had a blast! Group 1 was able to see so many of things they have been learning about in their Marine life studies. We compiled some of our favorite things about the day to show you:

• Touching the string rays
• Baby seahorses
• Seeing all the fish from Nemo
• Color-changing jellyfish
• Taking pictures with the fish
• Hurricane Stimulator
• Spotting a crack in the tank
• Having a stare down with a gator
• Bio-luminous sea anemones
• Goliath Grouper
• Floor to ceiling 500,000 gallon aquarium tank
• Happy blowfish
• Touching a sea cucumber
• Scavenger hunt (Group 3 won)

We had so much fun Jerry! I can’t wait to tell you about the next field trip we take. (Maybe you can sneak into a backpack)

– Hannah



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