Public school vs. Homeschool

Dear Jerry,

As you may have already known, I have been a public schooler my entire life up until this year. Both homeschooling and public schooling set their goals in teaching their students well and helping them become successful in their later life, but as one who has experienced both ways of education I can boldly say they have two whole different teaching methods. I was a very smart student since early elementary school mainly beause I had a nanny who taught me lots before I even started kindergarden which put me ahead of the game and by the time I hit first grade, everyone knew I was a smart cookie. As time went on and I hit middle school, school started getting pretty rough. The objective of doing good in school and participating in girlscouts, and attending all the meetings took a toll downhill because there was something that got in my way: boys. From then on coping with the issue has become an ultimate goal, pretty much my goal to make it through the day without stirring trouble. I’m here to tell you that public school was never a big help with kepping your head straight, distractions were always lingering your way and tension was always stirring between fellow classmates. Going to a public school has just become a social club and here and there you would find a straight a student like me but its getting rarer by the year. Juggling both my school and social life became quite a chore which made me always stress. That season in my life as a middle schooler was a bit hard and a common question I was always asked is “how do you do it?” I never really knew what to say, besides “I manage.” A characteristic about myself that I am very thankful for is being able to balance the time I have with different activities equally, and my hard work ethic. Being a very popular girl in school since early on spiritually never helped me. I have to be straight forward with you and say, its for sure that public school is not the environment for a christian. Each year both I and the few christians I knew and communicated with have noticed my faith leaving and the ways of the world taking over in my heart. Though I still am facing many challenges today, I am very thankful and proud to say I am a home schooler. Im glad I made the transition and started the road to recovery now, though I regret not doing it earlier. I have to admit, when I was in eighth grade and my parents told me that they were going to put me in homeschooling, I was furious. All my life I was a public schooler and then all of a sudden I come home and my parents say that I need to enjoy my last few days in public school because they are going to be my final. I did not take it very well. I was caught in with the ways of the world and I took part in the stereotype for homeschoolers. I thought I was going down a road of social suicide. Boy was I wrong. Homeschooling is far from social suicide; in fact it’s a very social place. You get to interact with others, you just don’t have the extra drama to deal with. Life as a homeschooler is awesome, I find myself liking it more every day because I am learning a whole lot more and I have more opportunities to help others in the process. One Room particularly has been a great help in my life and with the help of my two very good teachers-Miss Sarah and Mrs.Becca. I have learned so much already and I am continuing to learn more and more. If you’re in public school, they give you assignments and you better hope you know how to do them because if you don’t your grade is going to plummet down south. I am very happy and grateful for the opportunity to be part of One Room Learning and the way I am taught is just such a help. I wouldn’t want it any other way, because I am happy where I am.

Sarah Jasmine


One thought on “Public school vs. Homeschool

  1. See I could say:” I told you so……..!”
    But I knew MY girl would understand and see what I saw.
    LOVE Mama

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