It’s that Frozen time of year

Dear Jerry,

Well we knew it had to be discussed sometime; probably the most asked question across the country in the past few weeks. From Cape Coral to Detroit, it is being sung, stated, hummed, and shouted. What is this ever-increasingly asked question, you ask? I will tell you, but first…

Jerry, do you want to build a snowman?

(Ha! Just kidding, we’re in Florida.)

Disney’s movie Frozen, has exploded the cinemas since its release date in November 2013. This heart warming tale about family, true love, and sacrifice has quickly become a favorite to children and adults everywhere. After I watched it, it made a rapid ascent as my favorite Disney princess movie (though the classics are still close to my heart). But it was unlike almost every other Disney movie I have seen.

Frozen was able to live up the musical “bar” that Tangled had raised pretty high. The catchy tunes are being sung well after the movie is finished. Having Idina Menzel star in it was probably one the best decisions Disney had ever made. Just sayin’.

I loved the way the characters were portrayed. They were REAL. I was able to understand the loneliness that Anna felt, the fear that consumed Elsa, the way Olaf felt real longing, Kristoff’s independence; they all were things that were relatable. Plus, sarcastic reindeer? I’ll leave it at that.

The storyline. I’ve always loved the Snow Queen story and to be honest I didn’t even realize that Frozen was based off of it until after I saw the movie. But they honored the original story very well while still adding some fun new twists.

Olaf. No more needed.

So after what I’ve told you, you would think it’s a pretty good flick right? Probably worth the few dollars it costs to go see it. But I saved the best for last. Here’s the kicker: take away the music, the funny characters and the storyline and I would still say Frozen is a movie worth seeing just because of one scene that they put in it.

I don’t want to give away the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it (which I hope you will remedy after reading this). But there is one part at the end, where one of the main characters is in deep trouble and the only solution that this person knows will fix it is an act of true love. (Hint: true loves kiss. I see where you’re going with this, Disney.) So this character is upset and confused because what they thought had been true love turned out to be a lie. They said they don’t even know what true love is anymore. And here is where Olaf jumps in. (Did I mention I liked this little guy?)

He says, “Love is putting someone else’s needs before your own.”

Hold up.                                                                   images

This is Disney we’re watching right? You know the one who has written hundreds of stories about “love at first sight” or “true loves kiss”. Needless to say, I was shocked. And incredibly impressed. Disney went against so much of what has almost been their “motto” for a long time in order to throw in this little gem about real honest to goodness love. And I’m afraid people might miss it. The movie goes on to conclude with a special twist that even further cements Olaf’s revelation. You’ll have to watch it to find out. 

So go, sing the songs to death, and quote the quippy one liners, but make sure you don’t miss the real life lessons you can find in this movie. Take the time to talk about them with your kids, friends and family. I think you’ll find that it makes for a good spring board into deeper beneficial conversations.

– Hannah


One thought on “It’s that Frozen time of year

  1. WOW!! This is really well written. You are absolutely right that Disney did something totally unexpected in this movie, like you said, the music and the story are both amazing, but there ARE life lessons to be had in this movie.

    Great review!


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