Being a Pianist

Dear Jerry,

I am going to tell you some about being a musician. I play piano, synthesizer, acoustic and bass guitar. When I was almost seven, my parents took me to my first piano lesson. I was slightly happy and slightly bothered about it. I think I was mad because I saw this activity as a completely unnecessary addition to what I THOUGHT was a crowded and busy schedule. I was a little six year old boy so I fought multiple times over those first few months over WHY I had to do this. I cried and moaned and fussed but my parents never budged from their position. I eventually realized that piano was not going to go away and I grudgingly accepted piano as a part of my life. After about six years with my original teacher, I was getting so good that my parents moved me to another teacher. I have been with this teacher for about four years. Piano is now an integral part of my life and I cannot imagine my life without it.
After about seven years of playing only piano, my parents signed me up for guitar with our music pastor, and I have been spasmodically progressing in skill. This was about two years ago. Since the bass guitar has the same fingering as the acoustic guitar, I learned that as a side project. The first instrument I played in a group setting was the synthesizer. I started playing the synth on Wednesday nights for my church worship band. The synthesizer is more commonly known as the keyboard and it is used as a filler instrument for the small breaks in the musical phrases. It fills in the harmony to add a sort of background ambience to the music. After playing the keyboard for a couple of months, I asked to be “promoted” to the piano. I was given the O.K., and my teacher and I started to work on several songs that were scheduled to be played in two weeks. On that day, I felt nervous and excited. I was pumped full of adrenaline and I played very well. I was very happy with the experience.
I would not ever give up being a musician for several reasons. One, how many guys my age can play a hard instrument well and stick with it though all the difficulties? Not many, and I play because I could if I wanted to, make a living out of it. Two, I play because I love it. I truly do enjoy most of the time that I spend practicing and improving my skill. For me, it is not wasted time. Three, I play because I can. There are not many people who have the ability to play the piano well even if they wanted to. The piano is a very hard instrument to play. I am not saying that because it makes me look better. I am saying it because it is true. I am determined to use my gift of music and to not let it go to waste.




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