Seeing the world through a lens


Dear Jerry,

Photography has always been one of my favorite things  to do. Since I  was little, I have loved to take  pictures of  anything and everything. It is almost like an  escape for  me. I get totally relaxed  when I spend time just outside  taking pictures. Being able to find capture the beauty in everyday  things is a wonderful blessing and  one I think  we should all take advantage of to some extent.

Camera’s allow us to capture emotions. Love, life and laughter are all things that we are able to get a snapshot of and cherish. It enables us to hold tighter to memories and relive them in a way we couldn’t possible have before the camera was invented. 


I am constantly learning how to take better pictures. My picture taking preference is scenery but I am working on improving my portrait skills.



20140130-223816.jpg One of my goals in life is to always keep  working on my photography and build up a  side business being a photographer. Right now  one of my next steps is getting a camera with  inter-changable lenses. But until then, I will  keep improving and enjoy capturing beauty in  its many different forms.





What I would say to you, is take the time to capture moments. You don’t have to be able to take fantastic pictures or even be an aspiring photographer like me. Whether it means pulling off to the side of the road to catch a pretty sunset, standing in the pouring rain juggling an umbrella and camera, or something as practical as grabbing a shot of your child playing in the dirt outside; Take a few moments now and I promise you won’t regret it later.




One thought on “Seeing the world through a lens

  1. Very nice, good job Hannah.

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