Breaking Down Dystopia: The Hunger Games – part 2

Dear Jerry,
Last time I wrote to you, I wrote about The Hunger Games and how the Capital thinks, but this week I’m going to tell you a little about how it all breaks down. Now, the Capital might have it pretty good, but the districts in Panam do not have it that great. As you begin to go down through the districts the living conditions begin to get worse. By the time you make it to district 12 you will see that there is a lot of starvation, and they don’t have nice things like the Capital has. This is where Katniss Everdeen lives with her younger sister Primrose, and her mother. Their life might not be the greatest, but it is all they know.
When the 74th annual Hunger Games rolls around, Prim (Katniss’ sister) is now at an age where she will be put into the drawing, and is unfortunately picked out of the hundreds of kids, to go and compete to the death. When Prim’s name is called, Katniss steps out of the crowed and volunteers to go in her place. Now this is the beginning of a pattern beging broken, because she was the first person to volunteer from district 12.
When Katniss gets to the Hunger Games she manages to stay alive for a long time, and finally the Capital announces to the tributes, that if the other person form their district is still alive then they can work together and can both “win”. Katniss then goes to find Peeta, (the boy from her district, and her “love interest”) and they work together and are able to survive together until the end. As you can imagine Katniss and Peeta were so happy, but then the game maker comes over the speakers and says that the Capital changed their minds and they can’t both survive. Katniss then comes up with idea for them, she grabs some poisonous berries and basically says if we both can’t win, I don’t want to live without you. So they both grab the berries and throw them in their mouths and as soon as they do, the game maker yells over the speaker once again telling them to stop. That is where the pattern breaks down, Katniss found a way to beat the Capital, and survive the Hunger Games with another person.
Now the Capital was not very happy about this, but they needed their winner. Katniss got the ball rolling for another revolution. She showed everyone in Panam that she could defy the Captial and get away with it, for the time being. This gave the people hope, and a vision that they couldn’t shake, a vision that they could change their future for the better.



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