Breaking Down Dystopia: Divergent – Part 2

Dear Jerry,

Last time, I was telling you about the book Divergent and the perfect system that had been created.  Today I am going to continue on by talking about the breakdown of this structured world. Beatrice Prior had taken her aptitude test to see which faction she should choose. The results she got were inconclusive. She showed equal aptitude for three factions: Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. This makes her “Divergent” and she was warned never to share this information with anyone for fear of her life. On the choosing day, surprising her brother and parents, Beatrice choose to leave Abnegation and move to Dauntless.

There are three stages of training for Dauntless initiates. The first involves weapons and hand-to-hand combat. The second puts a person under a simulation in which they experience different fears. They are observed and tested on how fast they can defeat those fears. The most important stage is the last. It is the one every initiate prepares for the whole time. They are put into a fear landscape that is designed specifically for each individual. You are forced to experience your worst fears and defeat them. After the final test, if you pass you are injected with a tracking serum that is only meant to be activated if someone goes missing.

Because Beatrice (Tris) is Divergent, she is able to control the simulations. Her Dauntless instructor watched her results and recognized that she was Divergent. He warned her again to keep it a secret. If they ever found out, the faction leaders would eliminate her. Divergent’s threaten the perfect systematic world they have created.

Right before her final test, Tris finds out that the Erudite faction leaders were planning to invade the Abnegation. And they planned to use the Dauntless by activating their tracking serums. It would put them under a mindless simulation that could be controlled. The plan was carried out that night. All of the Dauntless became robots under the control of the Erudite leaders.

The Divergent were the only ones who were not effected by the serum. The Dauntless moved into Abnegation and a war broke out. The perfect Utopia that had been created had broken. The thirst for power was too great and it overtook the Erudite leaders. This was the breakdown that was the ultimate push that started the downward trajectory of the world.



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