Breaking Down Dystopia: Divergent – Part 3

Dear Jerry,

I am wrapping up the series on Divergent today. I have talked about the way the perfect world was created and the what the intentions were in separating people into different factions. Then next, I talked about what the breakdown was that destroyed this perfect world. And finally today, I am going to wrap up with discussing what we should learn from the book Divergent.

When this society was created, it was divided into five factions that all valued different things. Everyone thought that the virtue they emphasized was the most important. But I think what was the biggest breakdown of all is that people were taught to believe that one virtue was better then the rest. Honesty is great but if you aren’t thinking of others, then you can come across as thoughtless and rude. And we should be brave but we need a balance of kindness as well. Knowledge is important but not most important. We need a balance of all of them.

I think another key lesson is that everything eventually comes to an end. No matter what it is, it won’t last forever. This attempt to make an utopian society failed and became a dystopian society within three generations. There is a very strong example of the power in Divergent and how fast it deteriorates. Power is a good thing and could be used for good but is very easily abused. You might be at the top for forever but it will eat away and you will always want more.

I think that is the the lesson we can learn from the most. We tend to strive towards material things such as power. And we lose sight of what really matters. When we do that, we are replacing God with our wants and desires. And though its usually not on such an extreme scale as we see in Divergent, we all do it on different levels. We need to make sure that we are aware of the lessons we can learn when we read books such as Divergent.



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