Learning While Teaching

Dear Jerry,
Last year I started learning sign language as my foreign language for school, but I didn’t get far into it. But this year, I have done a lot more with it, and even decided that I want to make it my career. Lucky for me, my teacher also knows and loves sign language and has been helping me through it. In some situations I just need help talking through stuff and she is always there to help. Part of my learning is also teaching the other students in my class, and it has helped me a lot more than I thought it would.
I have always had an interest in sign language. When I was little I was doing school one day and found the ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet in my science book, and I learned them as fast as I could. I didn’t know any other signs so I just spelled everything out, and made my friend learn it too so we could talk back and forth. That love and interest has spilled into my high school years and is now spilling into the rest of my life.
When I first took over the sign language class I didn’t know much myself, but when you are learning with intention and learning so others can learn too, it helps immensely. Not only does it help me learn faster, but it helps me realize what my career could look like. I want to be able to teach in deaf schools, and interpret in churches.
I love watching them learn and pick up new things every week, and as a (somewhat) teacher that makes me so happy. I would encourage anyone who wants to learn sign language to find someone to learn with, because that is what has helped me.



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