Lessons in the little things

Dear Jerry,
Music has always been a part of my life. My family is very musical and you can often catch us belting out a disney tune while we clean. I’ve always loved music; listening to it, singing along with it, or playing it with an instrument.
I started taking piano when I was younger and played for a good amount of years. I had never really seriously considered playing another instrument. But when I stopped piano lessons, I started thinking about I I were to play another instrument, what it would be? I have always loved the way strings sound, especially bass, cello, and violin. My older sister had always wanted to play violin so when the opportunity arose for her to start taking lessons, I decided to join her.
I found I enjoyed it more than I anticipated. My sister and I took lessons for close to three years. Then my sister went on to practice with a new teacher at our local college. I never started lessons and fell out of practice. I would play occasionally at my church on Wednesday nights but I wasn’t practicing like I used to and I soon stopped playing all together.
I told myself that I stopped playing because I just wasn’t that interested. But what it really came down to was a fear of not being good enough. Reading music has always been hard for me and I told myself that I wasn’t that good. I didn’t like performing in front of others because I wasn’t as good I as knew I could be. I used that excuse.
Just very recently, I have started playing again. My older sister, Grace is giving me lessons. I didn’t enjoy the time I took off from violin. I gave up on myself. And now it is going to be much harder for me to get back to the skill level I had reached before. But I wouldn’t change it because I have learned a lesson about perseverance and hard work. Don’t give up on something just because it’s hard or you don’t think your “that good”. If you persevere, you might find you get satisfying results.


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