Three Things That I Admire About Our President

Dear Jerry,

When I saw the topic that was chosen out of our weekly topic shuffle, I nearly had a heart attack. As you may have heard, President Obama is not one of the people that I feel much admiration for. However, I accepted (or had to accept) this challenge. This is going to be quite a stretch for my brain and I will try to get through this letter without crying or breaking down. It took me a while to figure out three things that I admired. But I have done it.
The first thing I admire is his devotion to his family. From all indications, he seems to be a good father to each of his daughters and his wife. This is significant in many ways. Many families are falling apart today and it is good to see a family so strong and well knitted together as the First Family.
Secondly, I admire his persistence and drive. President Obama does not give in to anything anybody says about anything. He will try to push his current issue relentlessly and without fail. Many presidents have an issue with decisiveness and drive for their agenda. president Obama definitely does not have that problem.
Lastly, I admire the way that he demonstrated concern for Americans in General by drafting a new healthcare law. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not agree with any part of the new law. Forcing people to buy a bad product is wrong. Penalizing people for not buying said terrible product is even worse. It is unconstitutional in every possible way. What I do agree with is the motive. Trying to provide affordable healthcare for the average American is an awesome goal. The only problem is, government just isn’t cut out for that job.
So in conclusion, it is a great thing to try and find common ground between you and whatever politician(s) you may have issues with, however small that common ground is. I am grateful to have a president who is such a good example to our young people who are growing up with broken families all around them. These young people can look to their chief executive as an example of a sound family. I am thankful to have a president who cares for the American people enough to write a law designed to protect us (even though that law is unconstitutional and it is not working right).



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