Why I Would Consider going Into The Military

Dear Jerry,

There have been a couple times that I have considered going into the military, most often the Coast Guard or the Navy. I have given the military some thought for several reasons. One, it would be an honor to serve my country through the military. Two, I would simply enjoy both the Coast Guard or the Navy. Three, I could use the experience gained in either branch to help with career training (piloting ships or patrol craft).
The biggest reason I have considered serving in the military is the fact that I would be serving my country. Serving my country in any way possible, be it through law enforcement, military, fire, or political office, is pretty high up on my bucket list of things to do. I want to serve my country because it is the best country in the world. There was only two ways America became great. The first is our military and the men and women in it. Not politicians or policies. Not laws or riches. The second one is the Bill of Rights. I am not going to get into that now, but maybe next week.
The second reason that caused me to think about joining the military was that I would enjoy it. This reason was an extra bonus. Honoring & serving my country AND having fun while doing it is a great combo. Enjoying the Coast Guard or the Navy would not be hard. I like boats & ships and guns so working on or with an armored warship with massive guns or a small patrol craft equipped with the formidable 7.62×51 NATO “Minigun” or a bow mounted M-203 grenade launcher would be great fun for me. Especially the practice.
Finally, I have considered the military because of the career benefits. With experience on ships and boats of many sizes, I could conceivable occupy many advanced positions on cargo freighters or other such ships of many different types.
All in all, joining the Coast Guard or the Navy might be a wise choose for me in preparing for my future and having a great job that also is fun. There are times when I have been questioned about the possibility of having to take a life. When this question comes up I am often confronted with the sixth commandment which most people think says ” do not kill.” Well, it would be a pretty cut and dried issue if this were the case. But it isn’t. The sixth commandment says, “do not murder.” Killing is different then murder and most people have a problem with that. While having to take a life would not be pleasant or easy for me, if necessary, I will.



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