Breaking Down Dystopia : The Giver – Part 1

Dear Jerry,

Over the next 3 weeks I will be breaking down a Dystopia world in three parts. First, I will explain the Utopia that was created. Second, I will explain what went wrong and third, I will talk about what we can learn from it. The Utopia I will be discussing is the world of The Giver.
In the world of The Giver nobody has memories. Everybody is assigned a job when they are twelve and they do that job until they are released when they are very elderly. There is one person that has all the memories of everything of war, love, color, music and etc. He is called the Giver and he is responsible for helping with things that are unknown to the community. When he is elderly he has to pick a child and give all the memories that he has to the twelve year old.
In the community the rules are very strict with curfew. They wok heavily on precision of language and they talk about their feelings and dreams. Their ultimate goal is to achieve sameness where nothing changes. They want to achieve peace and a perfect place where nobody can make wrong choices. The government knows that if anybody makes a wrong choice that it would destroy the whole system and utopia they were trying to make.
The people in The Giver utopia were trying to create a perfect world to live without wrong decisions. Next week I will discuss how the Dystopia broke down. Then for the last week I will go through what we can learn from what they were trying to achieve.


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