A Glance into our School: One Room Learning Edition

Dear Jerry,
As you know our school is a little different, but your tiny little lizards eyes may not catch everything that goes on, so I figured I would fill you in. There are 13 students ranging from 10 to 17 years old. We have one amazing main teacher and one amazing math and science teacher.

Our day usually starts off with a crazy writing prompt where our imaginations go crazy and result with in stories about unicorns and someone dying. Then we move onto our “today in history”, our devotions, and sometimes we do a quote of the day.

Moving on to the rest of the day, we do our math and grammar and we usually do sign language on Monday’s, and Tuesdays are the science days with Mrs. Becca. Now this all sounds really normal and boring, but let me warn you, there is nothing normal about it. We are divided into 3 different groups and sit with our groups at seperate tables. Now as you can imagine, this can be very interesting. Group 1 is elementary and middle school, Group 2 is all the freshmen, and Group 3 is sophomores through seniors. When school gets too much to take we sometimes even play “Would You Rather”. To keep us all in line Miss Sarah has the class Dojo, which is something she has on her phone and it gives us a score on our behavior throughout the day so that our parents can see on their phones. Let’s just say, this is very effective.

Through all of my years in school (I am now a senior), I have never had so much fun doing school. I have been in other groups to do science, and this is nothing against them, but they were just not as great as OneRoom has been for me. Maybe it’s the other students, or maybe it’s my amazing teachers, but I would definitely recommend this school to anyone. While we still have the perks of being homeschooled, we also have the perks of being in a christian school. So Jerry, I hope you have enjoyed this school year as much as I have, and let’s finish strong. 🙂

-Maddy Martin


2 thoughts on “A Glance into our School: One Room Learning Edition

  1. Perfect timing with this post, Pete! Made me smile, and look forward to tomorrow!

  2. Reblogged this on One Room Learning and commented:

    Our only senior gives a “lizard’s eye” view of a day at One Room.

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