Why I Want To Work

Dear Jerry,

A couple days ago, last Saturday, I put in my application for a job at Publix. I was more then a little nervous as I had a short meeting with the manager to introduce myself and let him know that I was interested in meeting with him for an interview. It was a casual conversation that consisted of the casual sort of banter that you would expect to find I. Any introductory meeting. What school I go to? How old I am and what I like to do for fun? Nothing was out of the ordinary and there is nothing to be nervous about. I was dressed quite a bit nicer then my standard T-Shirt and exercise shorts. We talked a bit about why I wanted to work and he informed me that there was a process to choosing applicants. I left satisfied that I had made a great first impression and that I would get the job soon. Now, there were a few reasons I would like to work:

1. There is no reason why a young guy who is sixteen should not be working to save money for a car, a hard time etc. Young men should want to get a job sooner rather than later because work is good. It is literally the only biblical way to make money. (Yes the stock market is another biblical way but even that requires work in one sense) I think that I should work because it is a great thing to work and be able to support yourself instead of laying around a playing Call Of Duty all day.

2. How am I going to support myself? As a person gets older, they have more wants and more needs. How can a teenager acquire the money necessary to support their growing pool of desires and needs? Of course, the answer is work. I want to be as independent as I possibly can. Make my own money. Create and follow my own budget. And support myself as best I can. I think that is a great thing to want.

3. Why not? What good reason can anybody give against standing on your own two feet? It is an admirable thing. Having and keeping a job for a couple years while you are young is a rare thing in this world. It looks good on a résumé and is a convincing piece of evidence indeed when a potential employer looks at a possible worker. It shows the employer that this person is willing to stick with their tasks and see the job through.

So, Jerry, have I given a couple of convincing reasons why I (and all young men) should work? I hope so. I want to inspire other future men to work early and work hard to support themselves and to have a positive attitude toward work.


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