Response to ‘Divergent’ Lesson in Human Depravity.

Dear Jerry,

Today I am going to be writing a brief review to an article written by David Mathis on the book and movie Divergent. I really appreciated his comments and thoughts about the story. In the article, he talks about human depravity and “finding the christian fingerprints” throughout the story. Many people may not be aware of the fact that the author of Divergent, Veronica Roth, is a professing Christian.

Throughout the plot line of Divergent, there are evidences of real biblical truth. Roth makes the point of not painting a picture of partial human depravity but rather a picture of total depravity. Even though most of the Divergent plot line follows a typical dystopian worldview, Roth does not let her faith fall through the cracks.

I really enjoyed learning from David Mathis in this review. I would greatly recommend it. This article not only helps us look deeper into Divergent, but also sets an outline for us to use when looking at other books and stories.

A good book will always have deeper meanings hidden in it, but only for those who are willing to look.

We must be willing to look.



(Here is the link to the original article:


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