Dear Jerry,

I and three other fellow One Room classmates have almost completed our chemistry class and I have enjoyed almost every second of it. We study our final lesson next Tuesday. We learned all about ions and compounds. Reactions and atomic weights. Our teacher, Mrs. Becca, did an amazing job explaining all of the more difficult concepts and helping us through those hard problems. We saw just how complicated the world of chemistry really is. This complicated world shows quite a bit of evidence for the intelligent design worldview. How can a random process such as evolution create the world, with all of it’s laws and rules? The logical answer is, is that it can’t. Anyway, there was one moment in our entire chemistry class that absolutely fascinated me. I loved learning about ions and forming compounds. It is very interesting to find out the charge of each ion and to figure out how to balance the compounds so that their net electrical charge equaled zero. Some of my classmates were less then enthusiastic about some parts of chemistry and so was I at some points. But I think I could safely say we enjoyed it. I remember at the beginning of the class, I asked if we would have to me or use the Periodic Table. Mrs. Becca replied that we weren’t required to do so but we would memorize parts of it anyway. She was right. Most of the common elements that we worked with in our problems now are indelibly burned into the psyches of myself and my classmates. We can tell you the atomic weight of sodium. Or the charge of a chlorine ion. We can even tell you the number of electrons orbiting around the nucleus of most of the elements on the table. We might be nerds, now that we have taken chemistry, but you can’t have a school without some chemistry nerds!

Sincerely, Zachary


One thought on “Chemistry

  1. I agree completely Zachary. Chemistry has been a blast this year!

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