National Poetry Month – Haikus

Dear Jerry,

In honor of National poetry month, the crazy students of One Room have embraced the opportunity to let their minds go wild and use their imagination to come up with Haikus. You don’t have to be Japanese or a relative of Albert Einstein to write Japanese Poetry. This did surprise us; but with our wild imagination not limited, each student managed to come up with an exceptionally great Haiku in 5 minutes worth of time. Each Haiku emphasizes simplicity and puts the wonderful minds of the students on display expressing each individual personality in three lines; the first consisting of five syllables, the second seven, and the third five. Feel free to participate in National Poetry month yourself, if you haven’t already, it only takes a little inspiration and a wonderful mind to create a simple expressive poem.
– Max: age 10
Louise’s surgery
The doctor’s did very good
The owner was proud
– Nash: age 12
My name is Nash Marks
I play football for the storms
I am really awesome
– Jimmy: age 12
Hi I am Jimmy
And I love Miss Geico lots
Very much yes I do
– David: age 14
Fresh brain shishkabobs
Crunchy heart and gut wongtongs
Zombies on the loose
– Mya: age 14
I do not like math
but I have to do it anyway
I’m in love with bacon
– Melany: age 14
Horses wildly run
They go so fast under the sun
They have lots of fun
– Caroline: age 15
Poems are awesome
Haikus are ridiculous
Candy is awesome
– Sarah: age 15
We have seven crazy dogs
Some of which like to chase hogs
Sulfuric acid
– Zack: age 16
I like shooting guns
They are really loud and cool
Carbonic acid
– Richmond: age 16
I am exhausted
But it’s exciting really
I have not slept really
– Hannah: age 16
I do not like poems
Haikus are much more better
– Maddy: age 17
My dog ate my horse
And then my cat ran away
My parrot is cool

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