Breaking Down Dystopia: The Giver – Part 2

Dear Jerry,

Today, I will be talking about how the Giver dystopia broke down. (Warning, Spoilers)
The world of the giver was constructed with nobody having choices, but there was a vital flaw. One person, the Giver, has all the memories. But once he gets old, he has to pass his memories on to a new person. But once somebody gets the memories, he is not allowed to tell anybody about them, not even his family or close friends. The Giver has a tough life. He has emotions that nobody else has. He lives, hiding his life and what he does from others including his family and friends.
Jonas is chosen to be the new Giver. He is a young obedient boy, not sure what he wants to do. When he starts to receive memories from the current Giver, it was very hard on him because he wanted to share the memories with his family. During his training he discovers that when somebody is released from the community they are actually killed and not “sent away” as the community is led to believe by the counsel of elders. Jonas then planned to leave the community without anyone knowing except the Giver. But their plans were foiled when the child named Gabe that was staying at Jonas’s house was scheduled to be released. Jonas took Gabe and left the community at night and when he was far away, the memories that he had been given from the Giver that were stored in Jonas’ head started to return to the community.
In the end it came down to this. When people are required to do something specific, anything really, you will come to a person that will mess it all up. In the world of the Giver it worked as long as nobody had choices. In the Giver, Jonas made choices and it shattered the world.



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