Having Two Snakes

Dear Jerry,

I recently got another snake! I know that this is not very welcome news to you, since you are a lizard, but bear with me and please finish the letter. The snake I got is a Red Amelanistic Corn Snake. Amelanistic means that it has much less or no black pigment in its scales. Mine has a little black, but is still Amelanistic nevertheless. It is about two and a half feet long and will grow to a maximum length of around four feet. It is very active (I say “it” because I have not determined the gender yet) and will sometimes squirm wildly to escape my hands if I accidentally startle him/her.
Snakes are, in a way, one of the easiest pets to care for. They can eat as infrequently as once every three weeks (Ball Python) or once every two weeks (Corn Snake). The biggest thing to worry about when you have a snake is keeping their food, frozen rats, away from other surfaces. Obviously, frozen rats are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. Another important thing to remember about snakes is they need to be held every day. If you leave them in their tank for a long time without holding them, they will become hostile. They will probably bite and/or hiss at you if you go to pick them up. I have been bitten exactly four times by my snakes. Once by the python, and three times by the Corn Snake. I really enjoy spending time with my pets because they are fun and amusing.
I have loved snakes since I was little and I have always tried to catch every one I saw. Once, I saw a Coral snake sunning itself. I immediately went inside and changed into jeans, two pairs of long sleeved shirts and three pairs of socks in boots. I went straight back out and caught that snake. The reason I changed into these clothes is because Coral snakes are extremely venomous, but their fangs are so small they cannot pierce thick clothing. I played with it for a while and shocked a couple of my neighbors, then I let it go. In the image below, the picture on the left is a Coral snake ( not the same one that I caught), and the one on the right is my newest snake, Cyprian.
All told, I love snakes because they are easy to care for, they are relatively inexpensive to keep and feed, and they are (to me) very fun creatures. I would get more, but I am running out of space for cages. Too bad. I love snakes, and people who don’t like them probably need a little education on them, and they would like them too.




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