My heart belongs to Texas

Dear Jerry,

As you probably know, I love Texas. Though I was not born there, it is dear to my heart for many reasons. I decided to write down just a few things that Texas such an awesome state. So here they are:


1. Dr. Pepper. (The real deal)

2. Kolaches (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you have a sad life)

3. Blue bonnets.

4. Walker, Texas Ranger aka Chuck Norris.

5. Tex-Mex.

6. BlueBell ice cream.

7. The Alamo.

8. Texas is home to the greatest university in the world.

9. Texas A&M (Refer above)

10. San Antonio (Just in general)

11. George Strait.

12. The Astrodome.

13. ‘Slap yo Mama’ sweet tea.

14. Whataburger. We made it. You’re welcome.

15. We were part of Mexico, then fought to become a country, won, and then became a state. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

16. We have our own language complete with an accent.

17. Texas BBQ.

18. Texas Sonic. No lie, it tastes better.

19. Boots and jeans are acceptable attire at all events anywhere.

20. We have beaches, deserts, mountains and cities.What else do you need?

21. Texas brisket.

22. It’s not Hi, it’s Howdy.

23. Fight songs and school pride. Gig’em!

24. Schlitterbahn.

25. ‘Y’all’ makes perfect sense and everyone knows it.

26. The sky. No really, you won’t understand until you see it.

27. Real country music.

28. It’s acceptable to fry anything.

29. We are home to 3 of the best NBA teams.

30. Texas Road House.

And finally, everything really is bigger and better in Texas!


– Hannah






One thought on “My heart belongs to Texas

  1. Nice list. Number 19 is my absolute favorite.

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