First day at school

Dear Jerry,
My first day of school I was very nervous. I was not ready for the school year to start; there was a lot on my plate. All summer I knew that I was going to have to change, a lot. Last year I barely, passed but I did by the skin of my teeth. I left a lot of work unfinished and didn’t care about it. But this year I have to be a leader and a good example. It’s a lot of stress going from not doing any school to making sure it’s all complete and well done. The first day was not that hard, there was barely any home work. It was fun getting back with everyone that I had schooled with the previous year. Also it was great to meet the new people that were now doing it with us. Austin and I are the only seniors this year; we are the example for everybody else. There is a total of 22 students in the class room, even the first day it was really rowdy. I can tell that this upcoming school year is going to be fun, difficult but fun. This year there is a lot of books on the table such as algebra, animal farm, lord of the flies and many more. I clean the class room every Wednesday and it is going to be very messy at the end of the day. Also on top of school I have football, some practices right after we get out of school. Even though it’s the first day it is very tiring, learning really takes the energy out of you. I think that blogging to you Jerry aging will be good for discipline and patience. I think by the end of this year I will actually like blogging. -Richmond


One thought on “First day at school

  1. Way to go Richie! Good Job!

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