First day of school

Dear Jerry,
My first day of school was a fun, new experience that was very interesting, but fantastic. I was quite nervous on the way there in the morning. I was also quite sad. Last year I was in the online academy at Evangelical Christian School. After playing sports last year at ECS, which included Swimming, Golf, Basketball and Track and Field and getting to know the coaches, I thought that that would be where I would graduate from high school. Apparently not. That sadness is gone now that I have seen how fun One-Room is! I also found out that I had nothing to be nervous about, like always.
I really enjoyed being in a classroom like setting again. After all, I spent several years actually attending ECS 6 1/2 years ago. Another thing I enjoyed was my group, the sophomoresThey kept me laughing most of the day. Every one of them is great. I’m very happy to have Miss Sarah as my teacher. You would think with twenty-four students she wouldn’t have enough time to work with everyone, but she does! We still get to do all the normal subjects like Algebra, Biology, English, Spanish, Bible, Creative Writing, World History, World Geography and American Sign Language. And of course, one thing I enjoy very much is being able to be home for Thursday and Friday. It’s very nice being able to do some fun things with your family while you do your school work!
expected my first day in One-Room would be slightly different then what it really was. I thought you would just be seated randomly and we would do our work by ourselves. I was wrong. One thing I was right on was that we have to do a lot of reading and writing. My mom said a while ago that my sisters and I would love One-Room, and she was right. I guess mother does know best! I am very much looking forward to the year ahead, and all the things I will get to do with One-Room. -Stephen

One thought on “First day of school

  1. Very nice. Welcome to the group…….

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