First day of school

Dear Jerry,

This isn’t the first day of school but I figured better late then never right. Where to start I really couldn’t tell you most of the people in the class are regulars at the church. Its nothing like public school so I am thankful for that. Scared or nervous, no i don’t get scared when it comes to this kind of stuff. But I will tell you this this classroom can get pretty loud if it wants to especially the middle schoolers,WOW, can they get loud me and Richmond (the guy who sits across from me) almost had to yell at them when Miss Sarah was in the other room.The classes in themselves aren’t that hard chemistry is a lot different then it was in public school but in a good way I’m not rushed and thats what I like about it so far. The other little things like History, Math, English are expected in a school environment so those will get more interesting in time. This may not make any sense,  because you don’t really know me and I’ve never written a blog before and now I’m just kinda rambling so you got to forgive me on that part. but all in all i actually think this school year will go smoothly… hopefully. And now I’ve ran out of ideas so I’m going to go ahead and send it now. Oh and Jerry even though your a dead lizard and even though I’ve never met you I think you and me would’ve gotten along. Good talk.
Sincerely Austin

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