Nighttime shooting

Dear Jerry,
  I woke to hear the dogs barking frantically. It’s 1:30 in the morning and I yelled to the dogs to be quiet and then witness them not becoming any quieter. Each of the dogs have their own personality; though they are mostly quiet when they need to be, when there’s something up you can usually tell. Sarah proves this theory quite well. She is a help to our family in many ways. (just like me: same name and all.:) She has this thing where she is completely freaked out about thunderstorms, causing her to go in panic mode and curl in the back of her box panting. She is our super hero. She is our weather forecaster, saves us money when buying dog food because when there is a storm she doesn’t eat, she only barks when there is a reason to, she has an awesome name and she is an exceptionally good hunting dog.
I yelled to the dogs and for a moment they were quiet as can be. A split second later Sarah starts carrying on again. I knew something was up. I hear yelling and screaming coming from the house across the street as if there was a big argument taking place. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that there was, but regardless, I sit and wait. All of a sudden I hear gun shots going off at least 4 or 5 times sending all of the dogs barking top notch, my heart racing, and my dad running down the stairs yelling at me behind him to stay upstairs. After a bit the dogs began to settle down, definitely not going to sleep, but pretending to with one eye closed and one open still on alert.
Later the next day my dad went outside and talked to the man across the street who seemed to be putting suitcases on the driveway and
 using the vacuum to suck up all extra glass in the back of both cars. The red jeep and blue van sure got shot up pretty good; the back of both windshields were shattered to pieces and both of the car’s fronts were damaged as well. The shooter just pulled the trigger as he was speeding away in his Ford pickup. What an idiot.The night before, when the shooting took place, Zachary was outside talking on the phone, (Yes you guessed right. It in fact happened to be at 1:30 in the morning.) and the guy on the other line (who was the shooter) was furious. A few months ago Zach came home with a new “friend” from school and this “friend” needed a place to stay, so Zach’s parents willingly let the guy live with them. I hate to call this boy a “guy” so let’s just call him John. Anyway, John began stealing from the houses in the neighborhood as well as from Zach’s family. As soon as his thievery was discovered, he was immediately kicked out.As Zach was talking to him in the middle of the night, John had reached his boiling point and was ready for his act of revenge to take place.That was when he drove by and shot the cars,shot at Zach (who managed to hide behind one of the pillars in the front of his house) and managed to shoot through the front door all the way through the house. Luckily, the bullet soured over the couch where Zack’s two siblings were sprawled out sleeping and did not harm them.
Not that I am congratulating the guy for shooting both of my neighbor’s cars, but couldn’t he have done something non- life threatening like keying the side of the doors or something? I tell you, people are just crazy, especially when they get caught up in their sinful ways and foolishly decide not to come home at 2:00 in the morning. (Its so funny to think that lizards like you don’t have issues like this to deal with, but then again I would not want to be in your shoes when it comes to having to hide constantly so you don’t get eaten by other animals. I will happily pass on that one.)
The only thing I can say is that they are truly lucky that nobody was hurt, or better yet, nobody was killed and that they are all safe now. A few days later, they packed up their belongings entirely and moved out. I am afraid to think about what it is going to be like when my children get to be my age. The crime may be unimaginable and so great I as well as everyone may not be able to let our munchkins out of our sight for a split second at any time. It’s sad that I felt threatened to walk outside my own house during the year 2014. What is it going to be like in a year from now? What about 2017?

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