Unicorn breeding

Dear Jerry,
Have you ever thought what if we could have Unicorns in our present day and age? I mean has anyone ever tried to make a Unicorn? I was sitting in school one day when I had this idea pop into my head, what would happen if someone bred a horse to a rhino? And then my friends told me I should write my blog about it. Let’s pretend for the sake of this post that all the rules with genes don’t apply. This is my first blog post so I will try to explain it as best I can. Ok so we know the fact a horse and a rhino are two different species slight dilemma, but people cross breed species all the time and they usually turn out good. I mean they took a horse and a zebra and bread them and the foal was only half striped. Now I’m not saying that if someone bred a horse and rhino that the baby would look exactly like how we picture a unicorn to be today, but wouldn’t the baby have a horn? What color would the baby be? Would it be grey or the color of its horse parent? Would its body be slim or fat? These are just some of the many questions that could be answered if someone tried to make a Unicorn and were successful. Now I realize a rhino is too big for a horse to carry it in its womb, so the rhino would have to be the one to carry the baby because otherwise the horse probably couldn’t give birth to the rhino-horse baby. I hope someone out there will read this blog post and be inspired to go cross breed a horse and a rhino but for right now I hope you all enjoyed my blog post about the possibility of creating real live Unicorns. -Sincerely Caroline


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